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Category: Science & Technology

The Insanity of Expanding Nuclear Energy

Former nuclear regulatory top dogs from the United States, France, Germany and Great Britain issued a joint statement in January strenuously opposing any expansion of nuclear power as a strategy to combat climate change. Why? There is not a single good reason to build new nuclear plants. Here are 10 solid reasons not to.

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Think & Act Globally to Solve Climate Crisis

Humans have demonstrated seemingly unlimited capacity for innovation. We’ve mastered flight, mapped our own genome and invented the telescope and internet. So why are we so inept at tackling the climate crisis, the greatest existential threat we’ve ever faced?

It’s not because we’ve lost the knack for innovation, nor is it because we don’t know what needs to be done: Stop dumping carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

So, what’s at the root of humanity’s incompetence when it comes to the climate crisis?

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More Nuclear is No Solution to Climate Crisis

If you live in Orange or San Diego County, hopefully you’re aware that San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) has been turned into a nuclear waste dump for the foreseeable future. Regardless of where you live, you’re wise to be tracking domestic and foreign moves to increase reliance on nuclear energy.

As a waste storage location, SONGS is highly risky. Situated along the shoreline and in an earthquake zone, it’s vulnerable to destructive seismic land shifts and tsunamis. Photographs show waves already splashing near the top of its seawall at high tides.

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Why California’s First-in-the-World Plan to Monitor Microplastics in Drinking Water Matters

Every one of us, even unborn fetuses, are continually exposed to microplastics which have become such ubiquitous global environmental pollutants that they now contaminate the everyday air, food and water we take in.

Given a growing body of evidence that many chemicals in plastics pose human health risks, Californians should welcome recently passed legislation putting the state on path to be the first to track microplastics in tap water.

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Sign Up Now: Saturday Science Series for High School Students in April

High school students across the country are invited to participate in a series of free online workshops in April. 

The Saturday Science Series will explore the science behind the current South Pole Telescope (SPT), and the new CMB-S4 Experiment, which is a cosmological research project that uses 21 telescopes to survey the microwave sky over a seven-year period with the goal of unlocking secrets in cosmology, fundamental physics, astrophysics and astronomy.

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UCI Students Find Creative & Impactful Ways to Make a Difference

While remote learning has brought a never-ending host of challenges, UCI students have discovered creative ways to stay connected and make a difference, they are participating in environmental action projects.

One of the successful UCI student-led projects over the past year was becoming a certified affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, joining 106 other “Bee Campuses” in pollinator conservation efforts.

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Dust-Ups Continue Over Radioactive Waste Storage at San Onofre

The decommissioning of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) has been riddled with controversies since it was shuttered in 2013, undermining public confidence in Southern California Edison’s management of highly radioactive nuclear waste which will be stored on-site for the foreseeable future.

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Pandemics, Pork Chops and Chicken Nuggets

I’ve wasted too much time lately combing the news for an answer to a crucial question about pandemics like Covid-19: Are they inevitable?

Newscasters and the scientists, doctors and politicians they interview rarely venture beyond daily counts of the stricken to explain why we have pandemics. I suspect it’s because the answer is harder to stomach than the horror of the pandemic itself.

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Finally, a Bill in Congress to Address Climate Crisis

It’s hope-inspiring that a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House of Representatives in January that could save our children and grandchildren from what scientists tell us is an ongoing and growing climate disaster. H.R.763 promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent in 2030 and by 90 percent in 2050.

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