July 31, 2021
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Latest News & Featured Articles

Councilmember Agran Holds Community Meeting to Discuss Health Concerns of Residents Living Near Asphalt Plant After Mayor & Council Refuse to Take Action

On Wednesday (July 28th), Irvine City Councilmember Larry Agran — with support from community organizers with Non-Toxic Neighborhoods and Stop Toxic Asphalt Pollutants in Irvine — hosted a community meeting at City Hall to discuss the toxic emissions and noxious odors attributed to the ongoing operations at the All American Asphalt plant in north Irvine.

Irvine residents have filed more than 800 complaints with the South Coast Air Quality Management District regarding the asphalt plant.

For several months, Mayor Farrah Khan and other Councilmembers have blocked Agran's repeated requests for the Council to publicly discuss All American Asphalt-related health and environmental concerns, and work on a plan to identify near-term solutions to the problem.

Community Spotlight

Student-Led Nonprofit Focused on Getting More Kids in Irvine Vaccinated

AdvoHealth is a local student-led nonprofit organization dedicated to providing solutions for public health issues in policy and medicine.

In collaboration with the City of Irvine, AdvoHealth is currently working on projects to help raise community awareness regarding the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and dispel common misconceptions surrounding the vaccine.

The group's mission is to increase Irvine’s vaccination turnout rate, help establish herd immunity, and promote youth involvement.

  • Health & Safety

Should Your Child Take Swim Lessons Before Being Vaccinated?

Parents have begun asking pediatricians if their children — who are too young to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — can take swim lessons this summer.

The answer is yes, swimming is a great family activity! It's good exercise and a life-saving skill. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends water safety and swim lessons for all children as a layer of protection against drowning.

While a COVID-19 vaccine for younger children is not yet available, taking extra precautions can help lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure during swim lessons.

Publisher's Perspective

Mayor Khan and Councilmembers Kim, Kuo & Carroll Want the Veterans Cemetery Relocated to a Site Alongside the 91 Freeway

Three months ago, at the March 23rd Council meeting, Mayor Khan said that honoring veterans with a Veterans Cemetery was a "top priority" for the Council, stating: "We are in a unique position as a City to actually get this done. I see it happening in May or June….We are all committed to making this happen!”

Khan, Kim, Kuo and Carroll have now unilaterally decided — contrary to the expressed will of the people — that Irvine no longer wants a Veterans Memorial Park. (Councilmembers Kim and Carroll even attended a July 1st press conference in support of the newly proposed "Gypsum Canyon" site which is located just past the 241 toll road and the 91 freeway connector.) This latest freeway site is 23 miles from Irvine, just 5 miles from Riverside County.

  • Student Spotlight

Woodbridge High School Junior Wins Orange County Film Festival

Woodbridge High School junior Jake Sanjongco has won the Orange County (OC) Film Festival for American singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker’s song “End."

The OC Film Festival is an annual, one-night event showcasing work from high school filmmakers all over Orange County.

Through his music video, Sanjongco hopes to tell the story about losing loved ones and being left with the guilt from all of the mistakes and memories made.

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