February 16, 2019
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Latest News & Featured Articles


Science & Technology

Great Midterms! What Now?

For most Orange County residents who want their elected representatives to address the global climate crisis with urgency, the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections gives cause for hope.


UCI News

UCI Astronomers to Study the History of the Universe

UCI astronomers will be part of NASA's upcoming two-year space mission, using a telescope-based craft help us better understand how our universe evolved and the common ingredients for life in our galaxy's planetary systems.


Previews, Reviews & Venues

IVC Student Captivates Audience with His Musical Talent

Have you ever thought about where new music comes from? I have. I was fortunate to attend a recent performance at Irvine Valley College where a young artist introduced us to new music he had created. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

Family Event Spotlight

Martha Graham Dance Company Coming to the Barclay Theatre

America's oldest and most celebrated modern dance company will hold a special performance at Irvine's Barclay Theatre on Wednesday, February 27th, as part of a program commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the power to vote.

  • Senior Life

Senior Life: Disabled and can’t drive? Irvine has TRIPS

Since the 1980s, the City of Irvine, alone among Orange County cities, has provided a remarkable door-to-door transportation service. TRIPS is now available to all Irvine residents 18 years or older who are unable to drive due to a physical or cognitive disability.

  • Health & Safety

Reducing Gun Violence, One Household at a Time

Last year, I provided statistics on gun violence. Since that time, the number of gun deaths has risen dramatically. In fact, 39,773 Americans died from gun violence in 2017. That's 3,521 more Americans died as a result of gun violence in 2017 than in 2015.

Publisher's Perspective

Publisher’s Perspective: Attention, Irvine Voters

Last November’s election brought out a record turnout of Irvine voters (70%), which proved to be a big part of the Orange County “Blue Wave” that literally changed the face of our elected representatives.

Outdoor Activity Spotlight

Nature Walk at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you and your family haven't taken advantage of the free Sea and Sage Audubon Wildlife Walks, mark your calendar for Saturday, March 2nd from 9am until 10:30AM. Begin with your weekend immersed in nature!


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