January 25, 2020
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Latest News & Featured Articles


CityWatch: Taking Matters Into our Own Hands

During the November and December holiday season (when they thought that nobody was paying attention) the Irvine City Council’s two unelected members — Mayor Christina Shea and Councilman Michael Carroll — pushed ahead with yet one more corrupt land-use scheme.

Science & Technology

Bold Climate Action Plan for Irvine: Net-Negative in 10 Years!

In some ways, the Irvine community has already begun to take action in the face of climate change.  The Irvine Unified School District has installed solar panels on its various campus rooftops and parking lots to green its energy source, as well as save money.

UCI News

UCI Women’s Rowing Team

Irvine Community News & Views recently sat down with the captain of the UCI Women's Rowing Team, Emily Huang to learn more about the diversity of the team, their shared commitment to the sport, and the challenges they face as a "club sport" participating in national competitions.


SchoolWatch: The New Normal – Accepting the Unacceptable

With America awash in guns and gun violence, the shocking fact is that school shootings have become the “new normal.”

In 2018 and 2019, the country suffered through a combined, record-breaking total of nearly 200 school shooting incidents.

Previews, Reviews & Venues

Skye Schmidt: Photographer/Dancer

Capturing magical moments in dance takes a professional dancer and a seasoned photographer.  I was lucky enough to meet an artist who is both: Skye Schmidt.

Student Corner

  • Senior Life

Senior Life: Volunteering Means Better Health at Any Age

Some people in their 80s and 70s — and sometimes even younger — claim they are too tired or too debilitated to volunteer for community causes.

I recently interviewed three people who believe otherwise — that it’s just a matter of desire and will, and that the benefits of civic activism are great regardless of any mobility limits you may have.

  • Health & Safety

Publisher's Perspective

Publisher’s Perspective: Fed Up!

Irvine voters are plainly fed up with (unelected) Mayor Christina Shea and (unelected) Councilman Michael Carroll and their developer-controlled Council majority. These angry voters are now employing the tools of direct democracy to put things back on track in Irvine.

Family Event Spotlight

February 1st: Wilderness Access Day at Limestone Canyon

On Saturday, February 1st, the self-guided trails throughout the stunning Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve will be open to the public from 8am until 2pm. This will be a terrific opportunity for family and friends to spend quality time together exploring Irvine's beautiful Open Space.



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