July 17, 2019
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Latest News & Featured Articles

Veterans Cemetery: Now the City Council Must “Just Say Yes!”

In a series of stunning victories in May and June, State lawmakers — led by Orange County Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and Senator Tom Umberg — are winning approval of legislation to begin building the Southern California Veterans Cemetery at its originally designated location at the ARDA site in the Great Park.


CityWatch: Three Big Land-Use Decisions…Three Legacy Projects

In Irvine’s 48 years as a planned City, some land-use decisions and projects have been so profoundly beneficial that they’ve earned the title “legacy projects.” As a former Mayor and Councilmember, I’ve been fortunate to play a role in advancing three of these citizen-driven projects.

Science & Technology


UCI News


Previews, Reviews & Venues

Irvine’s ImprovCity

Recently, my wife and I attended the 7:30pm show at ImprovCity (located at 3415 Michelson Drive). It was a bag full of fun. Driving home, we asked one another, “How do they do that?”

A few days later, I had the chance to sit down with Devin Dugan. He’s the owner and Art Director.

Family Event Spotlight

Movies on the Lawn at the Great Park

Mark your calendar for Friday, July 19th! That's when the whole family will enjoy a night out, together at the Great Park watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, under the stars. What a great way to end the week! Admission is free.

  • Senior Life

Senior Life: My Unusual Cataract Surgery

I was driving home very late one night, north on the I-5, and moved over to the right lane where the ramp to the I-405 splits off with a sweeping curve that goes high in the air.  Suddenly, there were no lane markers.

  • Health & Safety

Publisher's Perspective

Publisher’s Perspective: More than 22,000!

Like many thousands of our loyal readers, I still prefer Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV) in its traditional print format.  You know what I mean — ink on paper, and page-after-page of what I call an “old-fashioned, hold-it-in-your-hands” community newspaper.

Outdoor Activity Spotlight

Summer Concerts in the Park

Summer is the perfect time to head to the park with friends and family to enjoy great music, delicious food and quality time together.

Enjoy six Sunday evenings throughout July & August at the City of Irvine's free Sizzlin' Summer Evening Concerts at the Mike Ward Community Park in Woodbridge.


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