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What is a Cello Madness Congress?


No, this is not an assembly of mad cellos arguing with each other! This is a performance in Irvine of professional cellists intended to promote the playing of the cello by demonstrating the wide variety of musical genres it can serve, and to expose young people to the cello!

From the Cello Madness Congress (CMC) website: “Come join CelloJoe, CelloDoll, Ashley Ng Cello and Taekwoncello for a night of witty musical banter, beatboxing, looping and fun improvisation using the cello. Experience the cello unlike anything you ever have.”

Hopefully, this CMC will attract more students to the cello and inspire both current and future cellists, young and old.

The performance will take place in Irvine on Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 7pm, in the theatre of OC Music and Dance (OCMD), a non-profit community music and dance school, located at 17620 Fitch Ave, Suite 160, Irvine 92614.

And just as importantly, preceding the performance will be a workshop with the performers between 4pm and 5:30pm. Tickets are $25 for the performance, and for $5 more, the workshop is included. So, the cost for both is $30. The performance can also be attended virtually for $15.

For tickets, click here.

Paul Hyun playing cello

Irvine’s Cello Madness Congress SoCal is being produced by cellist Paul Hyun, who was inspired by his friend Joey Chang, the creator of the CMC that has performed in the Bay Area for 12 years. Also from the CMC website: “The evening is tied together by a conversation-like exchange of wits and humor between the cellists and the audience.”

There will be a Monkey Business Café Food Truck stationed from 4-7pm. If you don’t know, it has an interesting history (click here), itself, having been developed originally as a social enterprise to provide employment opportunities to abused and abandoned children. It now provides work experience/job training for foster youth and other at-risk young people.

Biography: Paul Hyun is a professional cellist teaching at the OC Music and Dance Institute, where they empower, grow and nurture students in Music. The school is a non-profit whose goal is to provide music instruction to any student who wishes to pursue music seriously but without the means to do so.

Paul has been teaching over 19 years and loves teaching kids as well as adult students. Currently he is part of Serg EF, an upcoming band that is preparing to release an EP Original album later this year. He also started a Cello Duo which entertains and inspires all audiences called Improvicelli.

Harvey H. Liss


Irvine, CA
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