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Author: Harvey H. Liss

Is the Long-Promised State Veterans Cemetery in Irvine Dead? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Recent articles in major media have misleadingly stated or implied that the long-planned State Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the “ARDA” site at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in the Great Park is dead.

On the contrary, the ARDA site remains the only legally available site for a State Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.

Despite continuing propaganda from developer FivePoint and their surrogates, Irvine residents have always supported the 125-acre ARDA site.

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Two Irvine High School Students are Offering K-8 Tutoring Services … for a Good Cause

Shanzeh Mansoor, 15, a sophomore at University High School, and her friend, Henah Durrani, 16, a junior at Portola High School, are offering their tutoring services to K-8 students as volunteers for Maribo Cares, a non-profit organization that serves cancer fighters and survivors. 

Having both lost a family member to cancer, Shanzeh and Henah decided to honor the memory of their loved ones by helping tutor students while also helping to raise funds for Maribo Cares.

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Former Irvine Educator Releases New Children’s Book

Hugga Loula is a just-published picture book for children 4-8 years old, but “is truly a picture book for everyone,” according to its author, Nancy Dearborn, who worked at Santiago Elementary School, in Irvine, from January through May 2018.

Her book’s character, Hugga Loula is a modern-day hero whose superpower is offering care, comfort and love to a world desperately in need of all three.

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Ed McNew Shows Us All That Volunteering = Purpose in Life = Better Health

Last year, I reported that volunteering leads to better health…at any age. A volunteer I highlighted, Ed McNew is now 88 years old. He was, by far, the top signature gatherer for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery Initiative Petition.  He said, at the time, “It gives me purpose, and it’s something I look forward to every day.” 

This year, Ed is an important member of the Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery steering committee that meets via Zoom weekly, which continues to keep him busy and healthy.

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