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Science, Technology, and Environment: Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery, NOW!


And let’s surround it with an urban forest!

On Election Day, November 6th, the people of Irvine have a chance to elect a new Mayor and a new City Council majority that will stop playing politics, stop cozying up to developer FivePoint, and start listening to the people.

And what do the people of Irvine want?  They told us on June 5th, with their resounding NO on B vote, that they want a City Council that will immediately begin construction of the 125-acre Veterans Cemetery in the 1,300-acre Great Park — on the original Great Park site designated by the California State Legislature in 2014.

When the 125-acre Great Park Veterans Cemetery is open and operational — hopefully by Veterans Day 2020 — only a small portion of the site will initially be needed for gravesites.  What, then, to do with the rest of the site?

Why not a wonderful urban forestation project — planting thousands of trees and building miles of trails for public use and enjoyment?  Shown here are just a few of the concepts and plantings that are compatible with our beautiful Veterans Cemetery that will be adding gravesites over the next 100 years.


Harvey H. Liss


Irvine, CA
11 pm12 am1 am2 am3 am

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