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America is a nation of immigrants.  And Irvine is a 45-year-old City of mostly first, second, and third-generation immigrants.  So it should come as no surprise that President Trump’s controversial executive orders — imposing a travel ban on certain Muslim countries and authorizing federal immigration enforcement officials to step-up deportations — have sent shockwaves through Irvine’s business, education and religious communities.

Our front-page story reports on the turmoil of recent weeks, and how it has put the entire Irvine community on edge.

In his CityWatch feature on Page 3, former Mayor Larry Agran recounts other episodes when immigrants in Irvine  — workers and residents — have come under attack.

And our Open Forum and Community Voices pages — Pages 14-15 — report on the response to our recent Irvine Community Poll.

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Franklin J. Lunding, Publisher and Editor

Franklin J. Lunding