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Author: Franklin J. Lunding

OCPA: New Management. Same Old False Claims.

The Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) is telling member cities, ratepayers and anyone else who will listen that it has cleaned up its act since removing former CEO Brian Probolsky, and is now giving the public the straight story and bringing down electricity rates. Really?

Even under new management, OCPA continues to peddle two false claims as part of its high-priced PR campaign:

False Claim #1. OCPA is delivering 95.6% “green” energy to its ratepayers.

False Claim #2. OCPA’s rate is 2% less than Southern California Edison (SCE).

OCPA doesn’t deliver energy. OCPA simply acts as a middleman that contracts with “green” energy producers — those that do not burn fossil fuels to generate their power — to pay for electricity that is put into the state’s electrical grid. (Most of OCPA’s green portfolio is solar, nuclear, and wind-generated power.) The grid distributes a mix of power from all suppliers, which is about 54.2% renewable, according to the California Energy Commission.

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Publisher’s Perspective: 2024 Brings New Possibilities for Irvine

As we head into 2024, I want to acknowledge and applaud the three big things our City accomplished last year.

Irvine’s largest industrial polluter — the All American Asphalt plant — was shut down. Construction began for our long-promised Veterans Memorial Park. And, the City Council placed a measure on the March 5th ballot that, if approved by Irvine voters, will expand the Council from its current five members to seven members and transition Irvine to the more democratic system of “District Elections” so that every part of town will have a representative on the City Council.

As for district elections, if Irvine voters pass Measure D in the March 5th election, all parts of town will be assured of their own elected representative. And, grassroots candidates will have a chance to compete fairly for a seat on the Council. That’s what local democracy is supposed to look like!

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