January 27, 2021
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Author: Frank Lunding

Political “Bait-and-Switch” Alive and Well in Irvine

The old political “bait-and-switch” seems to be alive and well in Irvine.  Say one thing to get yourself elected, and then do another thing after you’re elected.

Newly elected Mayor Farrah Khan and Councilmember Tammy Kim seem to be the latest practitioners of the bait-and-switch in our City.

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Happy New Year! Let’s Make it a Good One!

The beginning of a new year offers a fresh start.  On the COVID-19 front, the challenge for 2021 will be getting life-saving vaccines into the arms of Irvine residents.  So far, Orange County and Irvine are off to a slow start.  But we look for City Council leadership in the weeks ahead to dramatically accelerate vaccinations in Irvine.

2021 promises to be the year that construction begins — by this Spring — for our long-promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the originally-approved 125-acre “ARDA” site at the Great Park.

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Stars Appear to be Aligning for Our Long-Promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery

For years, Irvine residents have repeatedly expressed support for a beautiful State-built and State-operated Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the 125-acre “ARDA” site at the Great Park. So, why hasn’t the project moved forward?  Because corporate land developers view the valuable City-owned property as a goldmine for their own massive projects.

These giant developers have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in “dark money” to help elect Councilmembers who have ignored the will of the people in order to satisfy developer interests.

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Honoring Our Veterans and Their Families

Building a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the ARDA site at the Great Park will not only serve to honor our veterans, but will also honor veterans’ families who have repeatedly expressed their desire to have their loved ones buried close to home.

Irvine Community News & Views will be watching the new Council to see if they are willing to work together to finally deliver on the City’s promise to our veterans and veterans’ families.

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Voters Beware: Here Come the “Dark Money” Lies!

It’s election season in Irvine and all across America…and you know what that means: Your mailbox is likely to be full of political campaign mailers. 

Some of the mailers will be positive, coming from legitimate campaign committees. But more and more of the political mail you receive will be negative, so-called “hit pieces” that come from groups and committees you never heard of.

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