April 20, 2021
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Author: ICNV Staff

Northwood High School Principal Receives Prestigious Award for Administrator Excellence

A group of Northwood High School staff members successfully nominated Dr. Leslie Roach who has been awarded the distinguished Marcus Foster Award for Administrator Excellence, which recognizes outstanding leadership and significant contributions to education by a school administrator.

The committee was so impressed by the sentiments expressed in the nomination letter of Dr. Roach that they’ve advanced her as a finalist for the State Administrator of the Year Award.

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Why is the State Being Asked to Study 2 Sites for the Veterans Memorial Park … Even Though Only 1 Site is Legally Available?

Last May, three members of the current City Council (now-Mayor Farrah Khan and Councilmembers Mike Carroll and Anthony Kuo) voted to adopt the citizens’ initiative, signed by 19,790 Irvine residents, which officially rezoned the ARDA site exclusively for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.

Khan, Carroll, and Kuo are now presenting a false narrative.  They are suggesting that the City Council can ignore last year’s Council vote, have the State conduct a $700,000 study, and then select a completely different site based on the results of that study.  The fact of the matter is, by law, they cannot do that.

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Irvine’s 50th Anniversary: Share Your Irvine Story!

Later this year — December 28th to be precise — the City of Irvine will turn 50!  For five decades, families have been planting roots and raising their kids in our beautiful city.

Through visionary leadership, Irvine quickly became recognized as one of the best planned communities in the nation. Our City continues to attract families who want to live here because of our award-winning schools, high-tech job market, beautiful parks, and our safe neighborhoods.

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