February 17, 2020
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Author: ICNV Staff

Update on the Citizens’ Initiative Petition Campaign to Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery

Irvine Community News & Views recently sat down with Chair of the Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery committee, Ed Pope.  The committee is currently working to gather the 15,000 signatures required for their initiative to qualify for the ballot. When asked for an update on the progress of the campaign, Ed said, “The support from the community has been tremendous!”

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UCI Women’s Rowing Team

Irvine Community News & Views recently sat down with the captain of the UCI Women’s Rowing Team, Emily Huang to learn more about the diversity of the team, their shared commitment to the sport, and the challenges they face as a “club sport” participating in national competitions.

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Irvine Educator’s New Children’s Book: Sky Dragon

James Blackburn is an Irvine resident who works for the Irvine Adult Transition Program (IATP) which is a community-based program designed for individuals ages 18-22 with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Inspired by his students, James has written a children’s book, entitled Sky Dragon, with the goal of spotlighting the fact that disabilities don’t have to hold you back.

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