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Author: ICNV Staff

The City Honors Irvine Planning Commissioner Mary Ann Gaido

If you are an Irvine resident and don’t know the name Mary Ann Gaido, you should! She’s done so much in the way of land preservation and establishing affordable housing.

The former Irvine City Councilwoman and current Planning Commissioner was recently honored during the re-opening ceremony at Bommer Canyon’s Cattle Camp.

Due to her efforts, the Cattle Camp at Bommer Canyon Preserve remains a continued source of enjoyment for the public to enjoy.

Mary Ann has a long and active history with the City of Irvine. First appointed to the Planning Commission shortly after Irvine’s incorporation, she was instrumental in the approval of the General Plan.

In addition to working on both Irvine’s Planning Commission and Transportation Commission, Mary Ann served two terms as a member of the Irvine City Council.

Earlier this year, Mary Ann received the Ralph Kennedy Award at the 2023 Affordable Housing Breakfast for her decades of work here in Irvine and throughout Orange County to increase affordable housing and advocate for those most in need. 

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Poll Results: Irvine Residents Sound Off on OCPA

Last year, all Irvine electricity ratepayers were transferred from Southern California Edison (SCE) and automatically enrolled in the new Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) 100% renewable electricity plan at a significantly higher monthly rate than SCE charges its customers for the same 100% renewable electricity.

Since the forced enrollment last October, 30% of Irvine households have opted-out of OCPA. (The highest opt-out rate in the state!)

Even with the high opt-out rate, thousands and thousands of Irvine ratepayers don’t even know they have been forced into the more expensive OCPA plan. OCPA uses SCE to send out electricity bills so, unless you really study your bill, nothing appears to have changed … except the amount you are now paying for electricity.

Read our poll results to see what Irvine residents think about the City’s continued involvement in OCPA.

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Extra $$$ Paid to OCPA by Irvine Households Since October 2022

Extra $$$ Paid to OCPA for Electricity by the City (Irvine Taxpayers) Since April 2022



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