July 17, 2019
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Author: Sarah Mosko, PH.D.

Finally, a Bill in Congress to Address Climate Crisis

It’s hope-inspiring that a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House of Representatives in January that could save our children and grandchildren from what scientists tell us is an ongoing and growing climate disaster. H.R.763 promises to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent in 2030 and by 90 percent in 2050.

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Science, Technology, and Environment: Holding Rep. Mimi Walters Accountable

In June and November, residents within the 45th Congressional District will be deciding whether to entrust Mimi Walters with a third term in the House of Representatives. Walters is facing a tough reelection battle, so in a race where every vote counts, it’s important that voters take a serious look at her performance record before casting their ballots.

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