October 25, 2020
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Author: ICNV Staff

Shea-Carroll Stall & Cover-Up in City Mass Mailing Scandal

The Mayor of Irvine has the power to set the agenda for City Council meetings — deciding what is put on the agenda … and when. 

Appointed Mayor Christina Shea appears to be using that power to stall and even shut down public investigation into Councilman Mike Carroll’s misuse of Irvine taxpayer funds for his own personal and political benefit.

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Agran & Johnson-Norris to Introduce Two Council Priority Action Plans to Tackle COVID & the Veterans Cemetery

Former Irvine Mayor and current City Council candidate, Larry Agran has announced that if he is elected to the Council, joined by Lauren Johnson-Norris, he will put two priority Resolutions on the agenda for Council action at the first business meeting of the newly seated Council.

The two Council Resolutions include the establishment of a comprehensive COVID-19 plan and plans to immediately begin construction of our long-promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery at the Great Park.

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Checking in with Ed Pope, Chair of the “Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery” Committee

Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV) recently sat down with Chair of the Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery committee, Ed Pope. 

ICNV asked Ed to give our readers an update on the progress of the project.  He began on a positive note, saying, “The support from the community continues to be tremendous!  Scores of Irvine residents — teachers, students, nurses, local business owners, veterans, family members of veterans, and so many more — continue to reach out, asking how they can help.”

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Mike Carroll’s Misuse of Taxpayer Money: Questions Remain Unanswered

Irvine Vice Mayor, Mike Carroll is under investigation for allegedly misappropriating City of Irvine taxpayer funds for his own personal and political benefit.

Carroll finds himself at the center of a growing City Hall scandal involving the unauthorized expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars on mass mailings to Irvine residents, promoting the appointed Councilman and a series of town hall meetings.  The City Council never authorized the mass mailings.

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