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Author: ICNV Staff

Irvine Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Measure B

Irvine voters overwhelmingly rejected developer FivePoint’s horrible ballot measure that would have moved massive development projects from the El Toro “Y” over to the Great Park, bringing 10,000 additional cars & trucks to Irvine streets.

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Latest Finance Report Reveals Developer FivePoint is the ONLY Donor to the “Yes on B” Campaign

NO on Measure B!  In a single up-or-down, “yes” or “no” vote, on June 5th Irvine voters will decide two issues that are folded into one ballot measure — Measure B. The vote on Measure B will finally determine the location of the long-planned Veterans Memorial Park and Cemetery, and also the location of 812,000 square feet of office and industrial space. That’s the part of Measure B giant developer FivePoint wants to keep secret.

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Developer FivePoint mailers falsely claim: “No new traffic”

NO on Measure B!  Developer’s Measure B would add 10,000 cars and trucks daily on Irvine Blvd., Sand Canyon, Jeffrey & Culver.

Measure B means more development, more traffic.  Measure B, on the June 5th ballot is a Zone Change Ordinance written for the benefit of developer FivePoint.

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