Now about to start our fifth year of publication, the circulation for Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV) — both in traditional print format and online — continues to grow at a remarkable pace.  Combined circulation now stands at 50,000 per month.  In September, a total of 24,000 printed papers were distributed throughout Irvine — 7,000 of these to the nearly 150 partnering stores and shopping centers in Irvine, and nearly 20,000 delivered by volunteers on doorsteps and driveways in a number of Irvine villages and neighborhoods.

I admit it…I still prefer to read ICNV the old-fashioned way — as a hold-it-in-your-hands, printed newspaper.  But I’ve also found I really enjoy the paper the way that more than 20,000 readers do — online.  So, subscribe for free, follow us on Facebook, or now add us as a selection on your Apple News app.

Join your friends and neighbors and stay up-to-the-minute on Irvine news and Irvine views, including our new Senior Life — Youthful Lifestyle feature on Page 5.  As always, we are grateful to all of our loyal ICNV readers!

Frank Lunding

Franklin J. Lunding is the founding Publisher and Editor of Irvine Community News & Views. A lawyer and businessman, Mr. Lunding has served on the Irvine Planning Commission and, prior to that, as Chair of the Irvine Transportation Commission.
Frank Lunding

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