I’m proud to be the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of ICNV — Irvine’s free community newspaper, published in hard-copy format at the beginning of each month, with frequent updates and added features available online.

This month, ICNV is growing from its previous 8-page format to an expanded 12-page format, with more stories and features for readers who want to be “plugged-in” to what’s happening.

There are two very easy ways to receive Irvine Community News & Views:  First, subscribe online — www.IrvineCommunityNews.org — and have ICNV delivered free, straight to your inbox.  Or, second, you can pick up an old-fashioned “hold-it-in-your-hands” copy of ICNV at dozens of Irvine locations — at shopping centers and stores throughout Irvine.  We list and thank the many business owners and others who make ICNV available to our growing community of Irvine readers.  When you patronize their businesses, you may wish to thank them, too!

Please read the feature articles this month. They are very important. And, remember to vote in the March 17th special State Senate Election.

Franklin J. Lunding