On June 5th, Irvine voters overwhelmingly rejected developer FivePoint’s horrible ballot measure (Measure B) that would have moved massive development projects from the El Toro “Y” over to the Great Park, bringing 10,000 additional cars & trucks to Irvine streets.

Developer FivePoint spent more than a million dollars pushing their “Yes on B” campaign, flooding Irvine with deceptive mailers and TV ads filled with outright lies.

However, Irvine voters saw through FivePoint’s lies and defeated Measure B, with nearly 63% voting NO on B.

Irvine Community News & Views was proud to have been a sponsor of the NO on B campaign.

We congratulate the Irvine veterans, along with their families and neighbors who organized the NO on B campaign.

Despite a one-year delay, we look forward to the City getting back on track, building our promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery where it was originally planned, approved and funded — in the Great Park!

ICNV Staff