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Two IVC Students Start Food Donation Program: The Good Apple Initiative


A few weeks ago, Sunmeet Singh and Kevin Waterman, both graduates of Foothill High School and current Irvine Valley College (IVC) students, had an idea about starting a program to salvage food that otherwise would be going to waste.

With such a large percentage of people in the U.S. facing food insecurity, they wanted to find a way to help.

Singh said, “20 billion pounds of farm-fresh food go to waste every year in America.  The farmers do not have the resources to donate the food themselves and they don’t sell it for a number of reasons — including fruit that doesn’t look as pretty as customers see in the grocery store and the transportation costs which can add up to more than what the food is worth.”

Singh added:  “On top of that, rotting foods release VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are bad for the atmosphere.  That’s another reason why we started the Good Apple Initiative project and it’s what differentiates us slightly from the traditional food donation drives that you see pop up from time to time.”

The two IVC students have been visiting local farmers markets around Orange County, requesting food donations from farmers who have a surplus of items they no longer intend to sell.  So far, Singh and Waterman have successfully collected and donated over $3,000 worth of food in just their first few weeks.

The first donations have gone to the Orange County Rescue Mission, but the students are looking to expand their operation in the future.

If you would like to help, contact the Good Apple Initiative at thegoodappledrive@gmail.com or find out more information on their website by clicking here.

You can also follow them on social media via the links listed below:

The Good Apple Initiative Facebook Page

The Good Apple Initiative Instagram Page

Or make a donation to their GoFundMe page here.

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