Friday, April 12
High School Art Exhibit
Fine Arts Center
Info: 949-724-6880



Friday, April 12
16 Mile Hiking Adventure
Fremont Canyon Nature Reserve



Saturday, April 13
Edible Gardening Workshop
Farm + Food Lab
Info: 949-724-7528



Saturday, April 13

Family Bingo
Heritage Park Library
Info: 949-936-4040



Sunday, April 14
Imagination Celebration
OC Great Park
Info: 949-724-6599



Sunday, April 14
Spring Harvest Festival
Tanaka Farms
Info: 949-653-2100






Irvine’s Weekend Weather:  Sunny Skies

This weekend’s forecast is for sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-70s.  Perfect spring weather!  Make sure the kids (and you) put on some sunscreen before heading outside to enjoy a beautiful weekend.

For the latest weather conditions in Irvine, click here.

Quote of the Week by Harris Kershnar

“A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others.” (No definitive source identified.)

Game of the Week:

High School Baseball: Friday, April 12th: University vs Irvine at 3:30pm @ University High School

iPhone Tips by Jake Jacobs

Ringer Switch versus Volume Control

There can be confusion as to what is controlled by various settings that affect what we see (the iPhone lights up) and hear.

Here’s a short summary followed by details:

  • With the default settings, the volume controls on the side do not control the ringer but only the volume for Music, as an example.
  • To change this, go to Settings → Sounds and Haptics → Change with Buttons → On.

Now the buttons will control the Ringer.

If you play music, the buttons will control the volume.

If you mute your phone using the switch on the side, you’ll still hear music if you’re playing it.  However, your phone will not ring but might vibrate if Vibrate on Silent is on.

About Jake Jacobs:  Jake has created and taught iPhone workshops locally for five years.  Check out his website at or email Jake at for his full class schedule.

Smith’s Picks by Joel Smith

L&L Hawaiian BBQ (Heritage Plaza, 14310 Culver Drive)

L&L Hawaiian BBQ is one of my favorite lunch spots in Irvine. Although they are a pretty popular chain around Southern California, its only location in Irvine is at the Heritage Plaza near Culver and the 5 freeway.

L&L offers a variety of Hawaiian flavored meats, including BBQ chicken, short ribs, beef, and shrimp.  My go-to order is the two-meat combo plate with BBQ Chicken and Chicken Katsu.  It comes with white rice and macaroni salad.  The Musubi Monday deal includes a small spam Musubi and rice snack for only $1.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ is open from 10am until 9pm Monday through Saturday and 10am until 7pm on Sunday.

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