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State Auditor Investigating City of Irvine


Well, it’s official: The State Auditor is now investigating the City of Irvine and the roles played by Councilmembers Christina Shea and Jeff Lalloway as members of the Council’s so-called “Audit Subcommittee.”

Did the Shea-Lalloway Subcommittee oversee a true “audit” of the Great Park, or did it instead engage in a political witch hunt disguised as an audit — abusing its power and misusing over $1.5 million in City funds for partisan political purposes? We’re covering the story as our feature article this month.

Another important story — tracking the progress of the Living Wage Initiative campaign and, empowering our readers to actually sign the initiative and become part of the Living Wage Initiative campaign.

The article — which I wrote — asks the provocative question: Does Irvine Have a Censorship Problem? Sad to say, it does. Again, Councilmember Christina Shea seems to be at the center of things, disrespecting freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Irvine businesses, and the people of Irvine. This is a very troubling development for our entire Irvine community.

Finally, our Open Forum/Community Voices section — will help bring you up to date on the Portola High School toxics scandal… and what you can do about it.

Franklin J. Lunding

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