Irvine currently has over 50 different athletic venues in town. Some venues have more sport facilities than others. For example, Heritage Community Park has 12 tennis courts, Harvard Community Park has 7 baseball and softball diamonds, and some venues simply have one or two athletic fields.

All of these sports fields and courts are available to the public but need to be rented. When it comes to reservations, the sport that is currently in season gets priority for field use.  Youth sports get first priority for fields, ahead of adult sports teams.

Irvine sports field rentals range from $16 – $39 per hour for Irvine resident teams and $37 – $57 per hour for non-resident teams.  The outstanding fields at the Great Park are slightly more expensive.  For more information, go to:

A Winter-Weather Note:  Irvine has a great tool for finding out if sports fields have been closed due to inclement weather.  You can call the MUDD line at: 949-724-6833 (MUDD); or go to:  You’ll get an up-to-the-minute report.

Joel Smith