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Special Interests & Political Interests


This month’s feature stories present a troubling picture of special interests and political interests overriding the public interest. 

Specifically, we now learn that the long-awaited Great Park Audit wasn’t an audit at all.  Don’t take my word for it — that’s what the auditors and lawyers say!  So what was it?  It was a publicly-funded political “audit” — really a political witch hunt masquerading as an audit — that has so far cost Irvine taxpayers about $1.5 million (and still counting).

The real purpose of the so-called Great Park Audit was to defeat Councilmember Larry Agran and re-elect Mayor Steven Choi and Councilmember Jeff Lalloway.  This was accomplished with public funds in 2014 and nearly $1 million in developer “dark money” and “gray money” dating back to 2012.  Read our story: “Developers Bankroll Choi-Lalloway Campaigns.”

Finally, Part Three of Dr. Harvey Liss’ special investigative report on the alarming discovery of toxic contamination at the site of the future Portola High School is “must” reading.  It tells a story of concealment and cover-up that, if allowed to continue, will risk the health and welfare of thousands of future students, teachers and staff at Irvine’s newest high school.  Whose interests are being served here?  Certainly not the public interest!

Franklin J. Lunding


Irvine, CA
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