After Mayor Don Wagner, along with Councilmembers Melissa Fox and Christina Shea, rejected Councilmember Lalloway’s motion at the July 10th Council meeting, directing City staff to immediately begin building our Great Park Veterans Cemetery, No on B chairman, Ed Pope announced plans to “clean house at City Hall.”

In a message to supporters, Mr. Pope outlined his campaign’s plan to replace Wagner, Fox and Shea — in two steps:

  • With two years left on their four-year terms, the Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery campaign will begin organizing an effort to recall and remove Fox and Shea from office, replacing them with proven NO on B champions.
  • The campaign will also work to replace Mayor Wagner — who is up for re-election on November 6th — with an Irvine Mayor who will lead the effort to immediately begin construction of our Great Park Veterans Cemetery.

To learn more about this citizen-led grassroots campaign, click here.

ICNV will continue to update our readers on this remarkable story of Irvine residents utilizing the tools of direct democracy to ensure their voices are heard.

ICNV Staff