In light of all the craziness of our national politics, I’m inclined to agree with the pundits who say that the upcoming Nov. 6th mid-term election is hugely important in determining the direction of our country.

Well, that’s exactly how I feel about Irvine’s City election — also on Nov. 6th.  

I think this is a profound moment of truth for Irvine voters:  Is developer control of our City Council going to continue, with Don Wagner — the developers’ best friend — as Mayor of Irvine for yet another term?  Or, will Irvine voters elect a new Mayor and City Council that will actually honor last June’s “NO on B” voter mandate by building the Veterans Cemetery in the Great Park, rather than replacing it with massive development?

Irvine Community News & Views is Irvine’s leading independent community newspaper — free of developer control.  We are proud to reiterate our endorsements:  Ed Pope for Mayor and Jaci Woods & Frank McGill for City Council.  Of the 16 candidates on the Irvine ballot — four for Mayor and 12 for City Council — only Pope, Woods & McGill showed the courage to lead the NO on B campaign and say NO to overdevelopment.  Irvine needs that kind of courageous leadership…for a change!

Franklin J. Lunding