Only one candidate for Mayor — Mary Ann Gaido — has had the wisdom, experience and courage to sound the alarm and say NO to thousands of new houses and apartments approved in the recent orgy of overdevelopment.

As a long-time Planning Commissioner and former two-term City Councilwoman, Gaido promises to present a Comprehensive Growth and Traffic Control Ordinance to quickly restore Council and citizen control over our planning process.


Melissa Fox, who fell just 210 votes short of winning a City Council seat in 2014, agrees with Gaido in her approach to controlling residential growth and development.

But, she also brings special insights regarding parks and recreation, municipal services, and support for Irvine’s small businesses.

Frank Lunding

Franklin J. Lunding is the founding Publisher and Editor of Irvine Community News & Views. A lawyer and businessman, Mr. Lunding has served on the Irvine Planning Commission and, prior to that, as Chair of the Irvine Transportation Commission.
Frank Lunding

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