The State of California is seeking to revoke accountants’ licenses at HSNO, the firm handpicked by Councilwoman (now Mayor) Christina Shea to “audit” Irvine’s Great Park project. According to the 44-page accusation filed by the State Attorney General, the “audit,” directed by Shea and costing Irvine taxpayers $1.7 million (plus City staff time), failed to follow professional accounting standards and contains major misrepresentations and lies.

The Shea-HSNO “audit” reflected an abuse of power and a misuse of public funds by Shea, in a political smear of former Mayor and Councilman Larry Agran before the 2014 City election.

ICNV first exposed this “Fraudit” years ago. Now, the City should appoint independent legal counsel to recover Irvine taxpayers’ funds from HSNO and Shea, too.

Franklin J. Lunding
Publisher and Editor

Frank Lunding