Irvine voters are plainly fed up with (unelected) Mayor Christina Shea and (unelected) Councilman Michael Carroll and their developer-controlled Council majority.  These angry voters are now employing the tools of direct democracy to put things back on track in Irvine.

The “Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery” citizens’ initiative petition — and the two recall petitions against Shea and Carroll — are in direct response to the latest Shea-Carroll corrupt scheme.  Simply stated, Shea and Carroll, who are backed by billion-dollar developer FivePoint, continue their schemes to replace the long-planned Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park by giving control of 125 acres of parkland to FivePoint, along with permission to build massive office, commercial and industrial projects.

We at Irvine Community News & Views endorse and support the Irvine volunteers who are circulating petitions and enlisting their friends and neighbors in restoring our local Irvine democracy.  For information — and to help with the Veterans Cemetery initiative and recall efforts — go to:

Publisher and Editor

Franklin J. Lunding