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Big Money. Big Lies.


Big Money. Big Lies.

When Irvine’s big developers go low, they go really low!  Eager to pack the Council with pro-developer puppets like Donald Wagner and Christina Shea, FivePoint Communities and its CEO, Emile Haddad, wanted to elect “the best Council that money can buy.”  And, on November 8th, that’s what they got — with one important exception.

Our ICNV front-page article describes the disgusting $1.5 million campaign of lies and smears conducted by Haddad and other Irvine big developers — a campaign of character assassination directed mainly at growth-control candidate Mary Ann Gaido, running for Mayor, and Melissa Fox, running for City Council.

Fox survived the vicious assault, but Gaido did not.  Now, with the election over, the question is whether Irvine’s damaged local democracy and reputation for good planning can survive.  Please read our Page 1 story and my personal perspective on Page 3.

The Brighter Side

On the brighter side, congratulations to Melissa Fox on winning the open City Council seat vacated by the retiring Beth Krom.  For 16 years as a Councilmember (including 4 years as Mayor, from 2004-2008), Krom was a class act — always moving forward with a positive vision for Irvine’s future.  Beth Krom leaves a rich progressive legacy for Fox to embrace as she shows us her own leadership qualities in the months and years ahead.

As 2016 comes to an end, we here at ICNV wish our readers and the entire Irvine community happy holidays.


Franklin J. Lunding


Irvine, CA
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