Last November’s election brought out a record turnout of Irvine voters (70%), which proved to be a big part of the Orange County “Blue Wave” that literally changed the face of our elected representatives at every level of government — Congress, the State Assembly, and locally.  Was it just a short-lived, temporary repudiation of President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress?  Or was it the beginning of a sustained partisan trend that signals more victories ahead for Democratic candidates, including those running in previously “non-partisan” local races.

We’ll know more after the March 12th special election to fill the vacant Orange County 3rd District Supervisor seat, representing most of Irvine.  Our lead story covers this race, where the lone Democrat — former Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez — is taking on a number of Republicans, including Irvine Mayor Donald Wagner.

In an Op-Ed opinion piece on page 11, former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom offers her unique perspective on the Supervisor’s race — telling us why she’s voting for Sanchez.  It’s a good read!

Finally, I strongly suggest a read of the CityWatch piece.  The history of the Veterans Cemetery is very telling.

Franklin J. Lunding
Publisher and Editor

Franklin J. Lunding