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Publisher’s Perspective: No on B!


“Citizenship is caring enough to speak up for the good of your community.”
— A poster prominently displayed at Myford Elementary School in Irvine

Yes, we want our kids to grow up to be good citizens, which sometimes requires the courage to “speak up for the good of your community.”

We are proud that this independent newspaper — Irvine Community News & Views — has always seen it as our mission and responsibility to speak up for the good of the Irvine community, even when it means challenging developers and other powerful special interests.

Mindful of this mission and responsibility, we at ICNV continue to be an outspoken part of the NO on B campaign, speaking up against developer FivePoint and their Great Park land-grab. This is the shameful land-swap scheme, approved by three members of the City Council, that would push the long-planned and State-approved Veterans Cemetery out of the Great Park…to enable FivePoint to take over the property and build massive office and industrial projects on 125 acres in the Great Park, bringing 10,000 additional cars and trucks to Irvine streets and neighborhoods every day.

That’s wrong. It’s just plain wrong! And that’s why ICNV is joining with the thousands of Irvine residents who are donating their time and money to the NO on B campaign. We encourage our readers to “speak up” and get involved ”for the good of our community.”

Franklin J. Lunding


Irvine, CA
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