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Portola High School Hosts Model United Nations Conference


Portola High School’s Model UN Club Board (Photo Credit: Lisa Hu Chen)

On February 3rd, the first Model United Nations (MUN) Conference was held at Portola High School. The event was a collaboration between students at Portola High School and Irvine High School.

MUN clubs are organized on high school campuses to help students learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. These organizations help students develop confidence in leading others, gain a stronger awareness of global issues, and make new friends from around the world.

During a MUN conference, each student works as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. Participants learn important skills, including: research; public speaking; debating; writing; critical thinking; teamwork; and leadership.

Sixty delegates from five schools participated in the Irvine MUN conference, which was led by Portola High School students and MUN Secretary-Generals Kayleen Kim and Ruhi Samudra. Portola High School social studies teacher Katie Wi served as the MUN Advisor.

After the conference, Kayleen Kim stated: “The inaugural MUN conference is the result of four months of planning. I want to thank Irvine High School and everyone who participated in this successful collaboration.”

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