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Poll Results: Irvine Residents Sound Off on OCPA


Last year, all Irvine electricity ratepayers were transferred from Southern California Edison (SCE) and automatically enrolled in the new Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) 100% renewable electricity plan at a significantly higher monthly rate than SCE charges its customers for the same 100% renewable electricity.

According to Irvine City Manager, Oliver Chi, nearly 30% of Irvine households have opted-out of OCPA. (That’s the highest opt-out rate in the state!)

Even with the exceptionally high opt-out rate, thousands and thousands of Irvine ratepayers don’t even know they have been forced into the more expensive OCPA plan. OCPA uses SCE to send out electricity bills so, unless you really study your bill, nothing appears to have changed … except the amount you are now paying for electricity.

Since releasing our latest Irvine Community Poll a few weeks ago, hundreds and hundreds of Irvine residents have weighed in, with 98% (yes, you read that right!) saying it’s time for Irvine to pull the plug on OCPA. And, scores of readers felt strongly enough about the matter to include a comment.

Below is a small sampling of those comments — including the one comment we have received in support of OCPA:

It is so sad to see you continue to use language that tries to take away the choice of the 70% who want to spend a few more dollars to help remediate the Climate Crisis. Your goal seems to be to cause OCPA to fail. Most of your readers seem to be climate deniers who buy into the “force” word you use. Last I heard, SCE was only able to offer 100% to a little over 2,000 of their millions of customers and it has nothing to do with the exaggerated 30% of opt outs, many of whom are returning to OCPA when they are able because they want to make a personal choice.
– Susan Easton

I pulled the plug on OCPA for our household and signed up for 100% renewables through SCE. So far, I’ve saved more than $125. Tammy Kim should NOT be elected Mayor if she can’t be trusted to save taxpayer money!
– Gil Nelsen

I do not want to pay extra money for this service. As a retiree, it was hard enough to pay SC Edison their rates.
– Kathleen Pfeiffer

Of course Irvine should get out immediately!!! Anyone with any common sense can see this. Obviously, certain people have a special interest in saving OCPA. We can’t let Tammy Kim get voted in as Mayor or we are going to all be in trouble. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Irvine do not pay attention to all that is going on with the city council.
– Ken McEwan

When an organization has failed as badly as OCPA, there is no way it can be revived. OCPA needs to be closed down completely. The concept then needs to be reviewed thoroughly by neutral people so they can see its weaknesses and strengths and then rebuild with a new name and new people running it. There is no way that I would ever become involved in OCPA again. However, a new agency that could guarantee lower rates and total transparency would entice me to join. People are desperate for the concept, but OCPA has been a disaster!
– William Aulenbach

The combination of the current City Council majority voting against terminating OCPA and the lack of implementation of more equitable geographic district voter representation is essentially disenfranchising a significant number of Irvine residents. There needs to be a more vigorous and coordinated ‘grass roots’ effort by Irvine Community News & Views, the OC Register, and community advocacy organizations in order to reverse this ASAP.
– Kirk Van Rooyan, MD

I’ve heard well-considered arguments for dumping OCPA, not least of which is some apparent shady dealing at the top. I’ve heard no arguments for dumping SCE. Why on God’s green earth would you want to dump a cheaper known quantity with a 100% renewable plan that’s already available at a lower cost through SCE? Something stinks here.
– Scott Montgomery

It does not make sense to stay with OCPA. It not only costs residents more money for home electricity, it’s also costing taxpayers more money for the city government’s electricity. We should vote out these Councilmembers who continue to support OCPA for no good reason.
– Sam Liao

Did I read that right? Tammy Kim is a paid representative member on the OCPA board? If that’s true, why is she not sitting out on votes that affect her paid position? Irvine is getting soaked. Time to get out.
– Ed Trgovac

We opted out last year thanks to your informative articles and have saved money. Irvine has to withdraw from this debacle before we end up paying for all of the corruption!
– Timothy Walker

It was apparent that OCPA was poorly thought-out and arrogantly implemented from the get-go. The City of Irvine should definitely apologize to its residents and immediately abolish OCPA.
– Patricia Parker

Why was this allowed to happen with an extreme amount of our money? Why wasn’t there a city vote to go forward on this?
– Paula McCaffery

Sticking with OCPA makes no sense. I’m really disappointed in the three councilmembers who voted against withdrawing from OCPA. I’m worried that the city will end up losing millions of dollars — a loss that could have been avoided.
– Glenda Menges

The money spent by the City of Irvine on OCPA could have funded a solar energy package for all new housing built in Irvine. Pull the plug now. The City of Irvine should adopt an energy policy which would provide rooftop solar power for every single family home within the boundaries of the city. This should be accomplished within a 10-15 year timeframe, making Irvine an energy leader of our country. Simple.
– Dennis Taylor

The 3 councilmembers who blocked the motion to get out of this economic death trap should be removed from office before they make additional uninformed decisions.
– Donald Ambroson

I opted out of OCPA before it was in effect because I knew the rate would be higher due to corruption. OCPA should not have been set up by politicians initially.
– David Lynn

City Hall should have pulled the plug the first time OCPA failed to provide everything required and requested! Audits revealed a breach from start. I’m thankful I opted-out and stayed with SCE.
– Stephanie Proffitt

Residents who wish to opt-out of OCPA can do so by clicking here. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you will see an opt-out form (located along the right side of the page). You can also call 1-866-262-7693 to opt-out by phone.

NOTE: So many Irvine residents are opting-out of OCPA and signing up for the SCE 100% renewable plan that there is now a waiting list.

ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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