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Our Local Irvine Libraries: More Than Just Books


When was the last time you visited your local Irvine library?  These days, libraries offer so much more than just books.

In addition to providing a wide variety of books and research tools, our Irvine libraries also host diverse programs and events for every age group.  There are reading programs for children and English conversational courses for second language learners.  There are book clubs, philosophy groups, creative writing classes, SAT prep workshops, crafting events, game nights, family movie nights, and events to help young children learn about their ancestry through stories, songs and crafts in different languages (including Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Persian, and Russian).

If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can use one of the many computers in the library.  Just bought a new phone, tablet or laptop but have no idea how to set it up?  Are you having trouble printing an Excel spreadsheet or formatting a Word document?  University Park Library offers free one-on-one tech assistance every Saturday from 2-4pm.

In our ever-expanding digital world, it’s easy to feel a bit isolated.  To help, our local libraries are offering ways for us to reconnect with our community.  Libraries have become a great place to bring people together through shared interests.

Irvine’s three branch libraries (University Park Library, Heritage Park Library, and Katie Wheeler Library in West Irvine) are open 7 days a week.  Library hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 10am until 8pm and Friday through Sunday from 9am until 5pm.

Nearly all of the events at our Irvine libraries are free of charge and all supplies are provided.  Walk-ins are welcome. You just need to show up!

Irvine libraries are also designated as official American Flag recycling sites for Orange County Veterans Affairs.  Flags deposited at one of our local libraries will be transferred for proper and honorable disposal by the American Legion.

Irvine’s first “Ballot Drop Box” has been placed at University Park Library.

Beginning in 2020, libraries will become even more important to our local community.  As you may know, California is changing the way we vote.  Beginning next year, every registered voter in our state will receive a vote-by-mail ballot.  Voters are being encouraged to drop their ballots off at one of the “Ballot Drop Boxes” in town.

So, if it’s been a while since you visited your local library, click on the links below to see what’s happening at each library this month:

University Park Library
Heritage Park Library
Katie Wheeler Library

Library Locations:
University Park Library (4512 Sandburg Way)
Heritage Park Library (14361 Yale Avenue)
Katie Wheeler Library (13109 Old Myford Road)

The libraries are also a great place for civic action!

Residents can quickly stop by two of our local Irvine libraries to sign the “Build the Great Park Veterans Cemetery” initiative petition, which empowers Irvine voters to rezone the City-owned, original Great Park site (the “ARDA” site) as the citizens’ once-and-for-all choice for a beautiful, peaceful — state-built and state-operated — Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.

The all-volunteer group has already collected 6,000 of the 15,000 signatures necessary to qualify the citizens’ initiative for the ballot.

Volunteers for the citizens’ initiative are collecting signatures at the Heritage Park Library and University Park Library every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 11am until 3pm.

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