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Open Letter from Mary Ann Gaido: Why I’m Running for Mayor


For the past four years in Irvine, the Mayor and City Council have rubber-stamped every proposal from developers for thousands of new houses and apartments, while at the same time they’ve ignored the damaging effects on our existing villages and neighborhoods. If you have any doubt about this, just consider the traffic mess they’ve created throughout Irvine.

I believe now is the time for new leadership and a new direction. We must not lose track of the local issues that matter most. We must restore meaning, purpose and value to our mature City as we enter a new stage of planning. To lose track of such important issues because of developer pressure is to lose track of who we really are and where we are really going. We must elect a Mayor with the strength to stand up to developers and other special interests.

I am intimately familiar with Irvine’s history. I have lived, learned, worked and played here since the idea of a new Master-designed City was just a visionary dream, a big idea for something better than what had come before. It’s been my honor to serve the people of Irvine as a City Councilmember and as a long-time Planning Commissioner. I’ve led our City in the careful planning of each and every village and park in Irvine, and in the preservation of our beautiful open space and wilderness areas.

Now, I’m ready to continue my public service…guiding the City’s future planning…this time as your Mayor.

I would be honored to have your support and your vote.

ICNV Staff


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