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Open Forum: April 2017


More Irvine Voices and Citywide Activism

While our Mayor and City Council are pretty much snoozing through this season of political activism, the rest of Irvine seems to be abuzz with opinions and activity — largely directed at President Trump and his proposed policies, but also directed at our congressional representative, U.S. Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R-Irvine), who has an office right here in Irvine that, unfortunately, she closes whenever a big group of unhappy constituents show up to talk to her.

These pages — our Open Forum & Community Voices section — reflect the commitment of this community newspaper to provide a real opportunity for Irvine citizens to be heard.  We kept our February Irvine Community Poll open through the end of March. Printed below are the February/March results of the Poll.  Of the more than 300 respondents to the Poll, many offered comments and opinions — we’re pleased to publish a representative sample of what your neighbors have to say.

We are also publishing more comments and notes we’ve received about other matters — including our hard-to-reach Congresswoman Mimi Walters, and the ongoing scandal of toxic contamination at Portola High School.

So, let’s get started!  Here is the Irvine Community Poll question we posed, and the results of the Poll.  – FJL

What Do YOU Think?

In the past, the Mayor and City Councilmembers in Irvine have spoken out when federal policies threaten harm to Irvine residents and workers.  Should the Mayor and City Council speak out on issues of health care, women’s health, and federal immigration and deportation policies that threaten rights or benefits of Irvine citizens?

Irvine Community Poll (Feb./Mar.)

Taking the Pulse of the Irvine Community

Should the Mayor and City Council speak out on issues of health care, women’s health, and federal immigration and deportation policies that threaten rights or benefits of Irvine citizens?

Comments, Notes and Letters

  •    We love our diverse community.  Our Mayor and Council must speak for those in our community who are being hatefully targeted by the new President.  People of color, people of diverse faith, people of diverse sexual identity, etc. are being targeted by the bullies in Washington.  We must stand together to protect our neighbors.

Joe Rookard

  •    Our City leaders should speak out against the new Affordable Care Act replacement bill, and the new education bill that’s out, and the EPA’s diminished capacity, and against Trump policies that will ruin our country, state, and city.

Martha C. Clay

  •    No!! Our Irvine City Council just voted to put in more housing, which means more traffic.  Why would we trust them with issues as important as women’s health care, and immigration and deportation. No, no, no!!  They clearly do not care about the people who already live here and have to deal with the crap they so carelessly vote on.

Kelli P

  •    Trump is a corrupt, crooked, incompetent moron who cheated his employees, and now he’s cheating all Americans with his lies and propaganda.  America’s freedom and liberties, and our institutions known for their transparency are being eroded to the core.  Trump is making America into a Third World dictatorship.  Trump is a fraud.  His presidency is not legitimate, since the 2016 election was hacked, controlled and manipulated by the Russians.  Trump is Putin’s little pet dog.  America is now in danger — more so than ever before.

Gary Nguyen

  •    As an immigrant myself, I agree that America is a great country of immigrants.  However, uncontrolled immigration is unsustainable.  We need borders, laws and quotas; otherwise we end up like a “salad bowl” and not a melting pot.  We can’t be the world’s babysitter.

Pepper Jackson

  •    Irvine residents want to preserve the creative and peaceful diversity that is a hallmark of our community.  Yes, the Mayor, City Council, State and Federal representatives, and everyone else, should speak out.

Phyllis Gilmore

  •    The problem is that our Mayor and City Council (with few exceptions) don’t know what is a threat to the rights of Irvine citizens.  Bought by developers and big business concerns, they only seem to care what is in their own best interest, not ours.

Avram Grossman

  •    Yes, by all means please speak out — on behalf of the City of Irvine and the United States.

Catherine Smith

  •    It is the responsibility of every elected official to speak out on behalf of the community without prejudice and without letting personal political views interfere with the general good.  They represent all of us, not just the privileged.  They are the voices of the people.

Kanch Doré

  •    The Mayor and Councilmembers should consider local residents’ concerns rather than developers’ bottom lines.

Annette Bork

 (Click here to take our new Irvine Community Poll)


More Comments on the Need To Test for Toxics at Portola High School

  •    The School Board should do the right thing.

Joe Sambito

  •    I think the School Board should do more than meet minimum guidelines to ensure the school is safe for students.  Irvine is known for schools that exceed State standards. A planned City should go the extra mile for its residents and students.

Katya Chan

  •    The safety of our kids, teachers and staff should be our Number One priority!

Erik Apinyan

  •    The Governor is doing much more to harm this State than President Trump by NOT putting the needs of California citizens ahead of immigrants (legal and illegal).  This is our true problem — we need new leadership in Sacramento.

Char Smith

  •    For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why the City Council and the School Board do not demand extensive independent testing of the Portola High School site, as well as continuous air monitoring inside the buildings.  The school was built on top of a U.S. Marine Corps Airbase toxic waste dumping site.  The City of Irvine has the absolute responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of the students, faculty, and staff of Portola High School, as well as the nearby Irvine residential communities.  I don’t understand the irresponsible attitude of our Irvine elected officials.  I guess that as soon as we get the chance, we will simply have to vote out of office the School Board members and City Councilmembers who oppose testing.

Susan Sayre

  •    This will be an expensive lawsuit if any kids get sick in the near future.  I don’t understand why the testing wasn’t done correctly the first time.

Thank Nguyen

  •    Comprehensive testing must be done as soon as possible.  I am a former authorized instructor with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Henry Kass

  •    I support the efforts to achieve a safe environment for our Portola High School students, teachers and staff.

Donald Schrader

  •   We must put safeguards in place in order to protect the health of students and faculty.

Shadi Kia

  •    I pass this information and advice on to IUSD: Do a proper air quality study of sealed classrooms to protect our teachers and, most important, our students!  Monitor the methods and accuracy of the studies, which must be conducted by an independent, licensed air quality company.

Martha Monteleone


ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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