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More Than 1,000 Have Signed the Great Park Veterans Cemetery Petition. Add Your Name and Comments Now!


Irvine residents by the hundreds continue to stand up and speak out — by signing the Great Park Veterans Cemetery Petition.

This surge of Petition signers is in reaction to the City Council’s very unpopular June 6th vote — 3-to-2 — to refuse $30 million in State funding and halt construction of the 125-acre Veterans Cemetery in the Great Park.    

Instead, Mayor Donald Wagner and Councilmembers Christina Shea and Melissa Fox are planning — later this summer — to give away the 125-acre Great Park Veterans Cemetery site to developer FivePoint Communities, along with zoning approval for massive office, commercial and residential development that will bring tens of thousands of additional cars to north Irvine every day.    

If you have not already done so, please take this opportunity to join your friends and neighbors in signing the Great Park Veterans Cemetery Petition.  Add your name and comments in support of this important cause, and ask your friends and neighbors to sign the Petition too. Click here to sign the petition

Published below are just a few of the hundreds of comments received from petition signers.  

  • I served the Army Medical Corps for over 20 years, caring for soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.  These brave patriotsdeserveto be laid to rest on the hallowed land within the Great Park and not somewhere between two noisy freeways!  Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never served his or her country militarily (including Mayor Wagner) and should seriously feel some shame if they, in fact, have any feelings at all.  What a disgraceful and cowardly stance by Mayor Wagner and Councilmembers Christina Shea and Melissa Fox!

—Col. Peter Fredericks, M.D.

  • It is unethical for City Councilmembers to act in the interests of a private company instead of in the interests of the residents of the City.  We don’t need one bit more of development and traffic in Irvine.  The infrastructure can’t support it, and it detracts from the quality of life in Irvine.  Why doesn’t FivePoint inflict itself on some other City and leave Irvine alone?

—Dr. Frances Collato

  • Stop giving away public assets to private companies!  It is an outrage that the City Council hands over more of the Great Park to business interests.  This property was supposed to be set aside for Irvine residents.  What justification is there to give this away to developers?  Those who voted for this must not have any principles!

—Cor Lageweg

ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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