Ed McNew enlisted and served in the U.S. Army from 1954 to 1956. Ed was stationed in Japan, post-Korean War, from January 1955 through May 1956. While visiting his best Army buddy in California, Ed met and married the love of his life, Louise. In 1973, Ed and Louise settled in Irvine, where they raised their three children. Following a successful career in sales & management in the steel industry, Ed retired in 1991. After 60 years of marriage, Louise passed away in 2017. Sadly, just a year later, Ed lost his youngest son, Jamie. For the last three years, Ed has spent much of his time supporting veterans and their families through his work on the Build the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery Committee.

A native of Irvine, Kevin returned home with his wife in 2000. A retired physician and father of two, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an avid gym rat, an insatiable foodie, and a daydream believer with a penchant for photography.