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Longtime Irvine Resident & Top Real Estate Broker Jaci Woods Proves that Age is Just a Number


Jaci Woods has lived in Irvine for nearly 50 years. At a time in life when a lot of her generation is retired, Jaci continues to thrive in a career she loves as one of the top producing real estate brokers in Irvine.

Jaci continues to set and achieve new goals for herself, with no interest in leaving the impressive career she has built just because she’s now in her 70s.

In fact, Jaci sold so many homes last year that she became a Chairman’s Circle recipient at the company she works — Seven Gables Real Estate. That’s a remarkable achievement, especially in an industry that was so adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic!

Jaci’s decades of service to our community is also impressive. For years, she worked with the Irvine Police Department — organizing Preparedness Expositions, preparing for “the big one,” whether it’s an earthquake, a wildfire, or other catastrophic event. Jaci is a Ham radio technician and a member of the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications (IDEC) team. And, she’s an original member of Irvine’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Jaci has also been a leader in the fight for the long-promised Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery on the “ARDA” site at the edge of the Great Park, on the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

Born into a military family, Jaci received a global education that tracked the geography of her father’s military service — in Norway, Germany, the Far East, and Washington, DC, where her dad was on staff with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As someone who was raised in the military and saw firsthand the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families, Jaci has been motivated to do everything in her power to help support the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.

Here at Irvine Community News & Views, we want to thank Jaci for proving that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being on top of your game professionally … and in serving your local community!

ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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