On June 9, 2015, despite strong citizen opposition, the City Council voted to cut Irvine’s own minimum wage — known as the Irvine Living Wage — from nearly $11 per hour to just $9 per hour (which is the State minimum wage).

This will hurt hundreds of City workers and their families — mostly janitors and housekeepers, maintenance workers, and landscape workers. These are the City contract service workers who keep our City clean and beautiful.

The Council majority’s mean-spirited action has diminished Irvine’s reputation as an innovative City that values forward-thinking policies and respects the workers who serve our citizens. While other cities across the country are raising their minimum hourly wage, Irvine is America’s only major city to repeal its Living Wage. The Mayor and City Council are taking Irvine in the wrong direction.

When the City Council is out of step with the community, the initiative process allows the residents to speak for themselves and take constructive, corrective action. Irvine is a nice community with nice people who understand that those who work for us are entitled to a decent day’s pay for a decent day’s work.

This initiative, if placed on the 2016 ballot with the signatures of more than 10,000 Irvine voters, will enable Irvine voters to restore the Irvine Living Wage Ordinance, word-for-word. By using the initiative process, we can once again show the true spirit of Irvine. Please join us in this important Living Wage campaign.


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Empower Yourself!

Printed in the hard copy of our paper this month is an actual Irvine Living Wage Initiative petition for your use — to sign and to circulate and to mail in, so we can qualify the initiative for the 2016 City ballot. Pick up a hard copy at one of the many businesses around Irvine that carry Irvine Community News & Views!

ICNV Staff