This past summer, despite strong citizen opposition, the current City Council majority — Mayor Steven Choi and Councilmembers Christina Shea, Jeff Lalloway, and Lynn Schott — voted to cut Irvine’s own minimum wage, called a Living Wage, from $11 per hour to just $9 per hour. This will hurt hundreds of Irvine City workers and their families — including janitors, maintenance workers, and landscape workers who keep Irvine clean, safe and beautiful.

In response to this cruel, mean-spirited action by the City Council majority, scores of grassroots volunteers launched the Irvine Living Wage Restoration Initiative — to have more than 10,000 Irvine registered voters sign a petition to place the initiative on the 2016 City ballot, giving Irvine voters the opportunity to reinstate the City’s Living Wage law, word-for-word and dollar-for-dollar.

For weeks now, scores of volunteers have been fanning out across the City — to shopping centers, at UCI and throughout Irvine neighborhoods — petitioning thousands of Irvine voters for their support. Together, they are making history.