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Impressive in Irvine: Jaci Woods – A Servant’s Heart


Forty-five years. That’s a long time. That’s how long Jaci Woods has been a homeowner in Irvine. And, she has been practicing her chosen profession as a REALTOR® for nearly 20 years.

Jaci (a stylish spelling of “Jackie”) is proud of her tenure as a REALTOR,® and the richly-deserved recognition, respect and appreciation she receives from her clients and from her professional peers.

She has also earned the gratitude of Irvine police officers and Irvine residents who are familiar with the many ways she serves the community as a volunteer. Jaci Woods is blessed with what she is quick to spot in others — “a servant’s heart.”

Born into a military family, Jaci benefitted from an unusual “global” education that tracked the geography of her father’s military service — in Norway, Germany, the Far East, and Washington, DC, where her father was on staff with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A graduate of Taipei American School in Taiwan, Jaci went on to pursue a liberal arts education, graduating from Marion College in Marion, Virginia.

While earning a living as a REALTOR,® she became certificated and credentialed in numerous advanced specialties, gaining the knowledge and experience that has enabled her to survive and succeed — for herself and for her clients — regardless of whether the real estate market is “hot,” or not.

Jaci is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism. Over the years, she has served on numerous professional boards and committees, taking on the unpleasant but necessary task of adjudicating complaints against those real estate agents who may have failed their clients by failing to meet high professional standards.

Michael Hickman, who for 40 years has been the President of Seven Gables Real Estate where Jaci is a broker, puts it this way: “Jaci is one of those rare professionals whose work ethic reflects the depth of her character.”

Possessed of a “servant’s heart,” Jaci is one of many volunteers who quietly serves us all by organizing and preparing our Irvine community to deal with the unwanted but inevitable crises that we must face from time to time. For years, she has worked with the Irvine Police Department — organizing Preparedness Expositions, preparing for “the big one,” whether it’s an earthquake or other catastrophic event. Jaci is a Ham radio technician and a member of IDEC — the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications team. She is also an original member of CERT — Irvine’s Community Emergency Response Team.

Like mother, like son: Jaci’s grown son lives in Irvine and was raised to honor and respect public service. He is now a Sergeant and a 23-year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department. A remarkably articulate and engaged citizen, Jaci does not hesitate to “get involved” and tell public officials what they need to hear. For example, she recently drew on her own experience in real estate and related issues of public health and safety.

She has testified before the Irvine School Board, firmly expressing her concern that IUSD needed to exercise greater diligence in the face of mounting evidence of dangerous toxic contamination at Portola High School. One thing is certain: Whether she is negotiating a critical real estate transaction, or helping to protect our Irvine community, Jaci Woods epitomizes the highest standards of professionalism and volunteerism.

ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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