Be sure to mark your calendar! The March 3rd Presidential Primary election is just around the corner and there’s a new way of voting in Irvine.

For this election and future elections, all registered voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot.  Irvine households should receive their vote-by-mail ballots within the next week.

In addition, three modern Vote Centers will be open for early voting beginning on Saturday, February 22nd.  If you prefer to cast your ballot in person (or personally deliver your vote-by-mail ballot), you can do so at one of the Vote Centers.

The new Vote Centers will become your one-stop location for all things related to voting. Unlike traditional in-person options for voting, Vote Centers will allow you to not only vote, but to also solve voter registration issues, register to vote, get a replacement ballot, drop off your vote-by-mail ballot, and obtain general assistance for a full 11 days, leading up to the March 3rd Election Day.

Below is a list of the three Irvine Vote Centers that will be open for early voting from 8am until 5pm daily, beginning on Saturday, February 22nd:

  1. Quail Hill Community Center  (39 Shady Canyon Drive)
  2. Portola Springs Community Center (900 Tomato Springs)
  3. City Hall (1 Civic Center Plaza, at the corner of Harvard and Alton)

An additional 13 Vote Centers will open across Irvine four days before the election (on February 29th).

Below is a list of Vote Centers that will open on February 29th:

  1. Deerfield Community Center  (55 Deerwood)
  2. Lakeview Senior Center  (20 Lake Road)
  3. Las Lomas Community Center  (10 Federation Way)
  4. Los Olivos Community Center  (101 Alfonso Drive)
  5. Northwood Community Center  (4531 Bryan Avenue)
  6. University Community Center  (1 Beech Tree Lane)
  7. OC Great Park  (8000 Great Park Blvd)
  8. UCI – Mesa Court Community Center  (4053 Mesa Road)
  9. Heritage Park Regional Library  (14361 Yale)
  10. Irvine Valley College  (5500 Irvine Center Drive)
  11. South Coast Chinese Cultural Center  (9 Truman Street)
  12. University Hills Community Center  (1083 California Avenue)
  13. Cal State Fullerton Irvine Center  (3 Banting)

All 14 Irvine Vote Centers will be open February 29th through March 2nd daily from 8am until 8pm.

All 14 Irvine Vote Centers will be open on Election Day (March 3rd) from 7am until 8pm.

ICNV Staff