I grew up attending schools in the Northwood area (Northwood Elementary, SierraVista Middle School, and Northwood High School). Every summer I attended a sports camp in Irvine. Today, there are lots of options. If you want a sports-specific camp, you can check out one of the local club teams — whether it’s swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, or any other sport.

When I was younger, I enrolled in one of the City day camps that included various sports and activities throughout the week — like kickball, capture the flag, soccer, basketball, and many more. To check out what’s available, click here.

As I got a little older, I started to gravitate toward soccer camps, focusing on my favorite sport — I did a couple of camps with the local club soccer team, Irvine Strikers. Occasionally, I even did the UCI soccer camp, which I highly recommend. UCI also offers other sports-specific summer camps. You can check them out at http://www.ucirvinesports.com/camps/index.

Have fun this summer, and stay cool and well hydrated!

Joel Smith