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Irvine Residents Can Earn Extra Cash With New Recycle From Home Program


Looking for a way to earn some extra cash from home? A new program called Recycle From Home lets residents in the cities of Irvine, Orange, and Corona turn their recyclables in right from their doorstep. 

Instead of having to find a recycling center and go in-person to turn in your bottles, cans, and other recyclables, you can simply schedule a pickup with Recycle From Home.

The company will drop off their own clear plastic bags for you to fill up, and when you are ready you can schedule a pickup and they will come by to take all of your recyclables themselves. They will then send you a payment either electronically or via check. It’s that easy!

This convenient program began as a pilot program in 2020 through California’s State Recycling Program CalRecycle to help serve the recycling needs of Californians. The program was inspired by 13 year-old Ryan Hickman, who started recycling door-to-door in his neighborhood at the age of 3, has been featured in various news outlets around the world, and has recycled over 2 million cans and bottles. 

Items that Recycle From Home accepts include: aluminum cans; plastic bottles; and glass bottles. Items that they do not accept include: milk jugs; wine bottles; and spirit bottles. When in doubt, you can check for a CA CRV label on the item. 

Whether you want to help the environment or just earn some extra cash, all you have to do is visit their website to get started. Additional Orange County cities are currently in the process of accepting Recycle From Home, so if you live nearby, be sure to check their website for updates. 

Joel Smith

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