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Irvine High School Students Start Nonprofit EKrown Art, Connecting Students with Free Art Classes


Two Irvine high school students, Ella Wang (Freshman at University High School), and Keren Brown (Freshman at Woodbridge High School) have started a non-profit organization, EKrown Art, to connect students with free art classes.

Ella and Keren started this organization to excite and inspire the younger generations to appreciate art, saying, “Art is a vital subject which is not being provided frequently enough to students, or is only being provided to those students whose parents can afford to pay for it.”

To help, Ella and Keren decided to promote free and accessible art classes.  Registration is through Google Forms or Zoom registrations.  The free classes are promoted through posts, flyers, and descriptions via their social media platforms.

Established in July, EKrown Art collaborates with various art schools — including U.S. Arts and Design, Ugrow Education, YMM Art Academy, and Blue Sky Academy of Art — to connect students with a variety of online art classes via Zoom.

To view a list of upcoming classes and to register, visit the EKrown Art Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EKrown-Art-105099201281907 . Or you can visit their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/ekrownart/.

EKrown Art also has a Youtube channel, which is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CG5H6ggfZE&feature=youtu.be , and you can search for them on WeChat.

Comments or questions for EKrown Art?  Contact them via email at ekrownart@gmail.com

Joel Smith


Irvine, CA
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