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$1 Million in Developer-Funded Attacks Threaten Irvine’s Local Democracy


Irvine developer FivePoint Communities is funding a vicious $1 million campaign of TV attack ads and “hit-mail” — including outright lies and smears — to defeat Irvine Mayoral candidate Mary Ann Gaido and City Council candidate Melissa Fox.  Gaido and Fox are running on an honest and brave platform to control growth, development and traffic.  

When they spend more than $100,000 per week on vicious TV attack ads and citywide hit-mailers, FivePoint Communities and other big developers violate our Irvine values and actually do violence to our electoral process and our local democracy.

Why are they doing this?  They want to elect their hand-picked pro-growth, pro-development candidates — Donald Wagner for Mayor and Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo for Council.  These three, in turn, will continue to be cheerleaders for big developer FivePoint Communities, destroying our Master Plan by fast-tracking and rubber-stamping each and every proposal for thousands more houses and apartments, no matter how much traffic they bring.

FivePoint Communities and their candidates — Wagner, Shea and Kuo — should be ashamed of themselves.  Whether you agree — or not — with our endorsement of Gaido and Fox, Irvine voters should all be united in rejecting Wagner, Shea and Kuo, and their dirty, developer-funded campaign.




Franklin J. Lunding


Irvine, CA
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