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Irvine Councilman Larry Agran Announces Mayoral Campaign


Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran

Former Irvine Mayor and current City Councilmember Larry Agran has announced his 2024 Mayoral candidacy in a campaign video that was released through social media and shared with his supporters.

Click here to watch Agran’s announcement.

In the video, Agran outlines his position on a number of critical issues facing our City, including:

  • Closure of the All American Asphalt plant: Since joining the Council in December 2020, Agran — a longtime Irvine public interest attorney — has fought alongside north Irvine residents to make sure the City’s largest industrial polluter is shut down. The plant is now slated to be closed later this year. The property will then be restored to its original state as part of a vast 700-acre “Gateway Preserve.”
  • Veterans Memorial Park: Agran has led the years-long effort to implement the voter-approved project which will be under construction at the northern edge of the Great Park, starting next month.
  • District Elections: Agran has led a multi-year struggle to expand the City Council from five members to seven members — while transitioning to a system of district elections to ensure that every part of town has its own Council representative. Irvine voters will have the final say on the district election proposal next March.
  • Orange County Power Authority (OCPA): Agran has been an outspoken critic of the scandal-ridden OCPA since taking office in December 2020. He has continued to advocate for Irvine taxpayers and electricity ratepayers, urging the City’s withdrawal from the costly OCPA.

Councilman Agran’s campaign video also recaps his long history of drafting and implementing policies to improve the quality of life for Irvine residents. Agran says that he is running for Mayor “to redeem Irvine’s promise as the best-planned city in America by investing in projects that benefit all Irvine citizens.”

Agran’s announced opponent in the race is Councilmember Tammy Kim.

Even though Irvine’s Mayoral election won’t take place until November 2024, Irvine Community News & Views will begin following both announced candidates — and any others who enter the race — in the months ahead.

To visit Councilmember Larry Agran’s campaign website, click here.

To visit Councilmember Tammy Kim’s campaign website, click here.

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