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Healthy Summer Grilling Tips


Let’s face it.  For many of us, it isn’t summer until we begin firing up the backyard barbecue. Everything seems to taste better when it’s been grilled, right?  And outdoor grilling helps keep our kitchens cool on hot summer days.

Grilling on a barbecue is a delicious and healthy method for preparing lean meats, fruits (yes, fruits!) and veggies.

You don’t need cooking oils, you don’t add a batter coating, and most excess fat drips through the barbecue grates.  An added bonus is the fact that there’s not much to clean up afterwards.

Grilling fruits and vegetables is a great idea, whether or not you’re grilling meat or fish to go with them.  We all need to eat more fruits and vegetables, and this is a tasty way to serve them.  Eating fruits and vegetables benefits the body in so many ways — reducing your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, obesity, and some types of cancer.

UCI Health nutritionists have compiled a few tasty recipes for you to try out this summer.  They include grilled peaches with granola and yogurt, Thai-style chicken burgers, and shrimp tacos with avocado slaw. For these recipes and more grilling tips, click here.

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