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Greater Irvine Chamber Recognizes Jennifer Chi as “Women of Influence: 2021 Game Changer” Nominee


Jennifer Chi (pictured on the right with an ER nurse) delivering pizza to essential workers at Kaiser Hospital on Sand Canyon after the Silverado Canyon wildfire.

Each year, the Greater Irvine Chamber selects eight women who have influenced the community through their work.  These are the Chamber’s “Women of Influence.”

This year, Irvine resident and business owner, Jennifer Chi, has been nominated as the Chamber’s “2021 Women of Influence: Game Changer.”

The Game Changer award is presented to a woman who has developed a concept, idea, or procedure that affects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something.  Her ideas have had a positive impact on her industry or the community.

Jennifer Chi — founder and CEO of Live Good, Inc. — is an active and influential leader with years of experience advocating for social justice, human rights, and environmental stewardship.

Through years of experience as an international investigator examining factory production in Asia and working on human rights cases, Chi conceptualized a new mode of commerce in the manufacturing industry.

By designing an eco-conscious manufacturing model focused on prioritizing human health and sustainability, Chi founded the Irvine-based company Live Good in 2012.  Chi created her company with a more responsible manufacturing process tailored for the 21st century.

Live Good is a student-run community-based company built on diversity and inclusivity.  Chi employs UCI students and local moms.  She also employs participants of Goodwill’s Job Development Program for individuals with disabilities, including autism, spina bifida, down syndrome and deafness.

In their nomination of Chi, the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce stated: “Jennifer Chi has devoted her entire career to working on social justice and human rights matters.  From her work at a public interest law firm in San Francisco to her policy experience in Washington D.C. and abroad, her passion for improving the lives of others has always been clear.  She now leads a company called Live Good which promotes the importance of education and diversity while uniting communities such as college students, church members, people with disabilities through the Goodwill job development program, and local manufacturing services.  As the Founder of Live Good, Jennifer sought to address specific crises in manufacturing and distribution by developing a business with a new vision — a vision of inclusivity, sustainability, and community-orientation.  Through her company, Jennifer is certainly a game changer for individuals in the area, consumers, and the business world as a whole.”

Chi lives in Turtle Ridge with her husband and their cat Piglet.

ICNV Staff

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