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Good News for Residential Beekeepers in Irvine!


In May 2022, the City Council passed and adopted an ordinance to allow residential beekeeping in Irvine.

Although the Council approved the ordinance, they rejected a proposal by Councilmember Larry Agran to make the permit process free to help encourage residents to participate in the new program.

Instead, Agran’s Council colleagues attached a hefty fee of $304 to obtain a beekeeping permit, along with an annual renewal fee of $73.

Eighteen months later, the topic of residential beekeeping was back on the Council agenda. During the September 26th meeting, Councilmembers Larry Agran and Kathleen Treseder requested an update from City staff regarding the program’s first year.

Once again, Councilmember Agran — joined by Councilmember Treseder — requested the Council waive the beekeeping permit fee for the next six months to help lessen the financial burden placed on Irvine residents who want to join the program. The motion also directed staff to report back in six months and include further suggestions for improving the program.

This time, Agran’s proposal was approved on a 5-0 vote.

To learn more about beekeeping in Irvine, click here.

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