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Farrah Khan for Mayor and Larry Agran & Lauren Johnson-Norris for City Council


Here at Irvine Community News & Views (ICNV), we believe our mission is to both report the news in Irvine and to fearlessly take a stand regarding causes, candidates and elections important to the future of our City.  And, make no mistake about it, the November 3rd Irvine City election is vital to the future of our City!

Councilmember Farrah Khan

Irvine Community News & Views endorses Councilmember Farrah Khan for Mayor.

Khan’s background in the interfaith community — bringing people together — would be a refreshing change in the Mayor’s seat.

Khan is challenging unelected, self-appointed and divisive Christina Shea.  Because of her extreme views, Shea has become known as Irvine’s “anti” Mayor.   She is anti-veteran and Veterans Cemetery, anti-immigrant, anti-college students, anti-renters, anti-science and anti-LGBT.  Enough is enough!  Farrah Kahn for Mayor. [FarrahforIrvine.com]

For City Council, Irvine Community News & Views endorses former Irvine Mayor and Councilmember Larry Agran. 

Former Irvine Mayor Larry Agran

As a public interest attorney, Agran is taking on unelected Councilmember Michael Carroll, who got himself appointed to the Council last year and is now mired in a major City Hall scandal — involving the alleged misappropriation of more than $70,000 in taxpayer funds for unauthorized self-promotional mailers to boost his election campaign.

Larry Agran would restore honesty and integrity to the Council.  He has the courage to say NO to developers and stand up for Irvine residents.

And Larry Agran can be counted on for local leadership to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Larry Agran for City Council. [LarryAgran.com]

Irvine Community News & Views now adds another City Council endorsement: Lauren Johnson-Norris. 

Community Services Commissioner, Lauren Johnson-Norris

An accomplished attorney and Irvine Community Services Commissioner, Lauren Johnson-Norris is a strong advocate for Irvine children and families.

A runner-up in her first try for City Council in 2018, Johnson-Norris is looking to fill the seat of current Councilmember Melissa Fox, who is running for the State Assembly.

Johnson-Norris supports Larry Agran’s “Build It NOW!” Plan for the Veterans Memorial Park & Cemetery.  And, like Agran, she takes no money from big developers and can be counted on to stand up for Irvine residents.  Lauren Johnson-Norris for City Council. [LaurenforIrvine.com]

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