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Election Season 2016


Well, it’s that time again…election season.  And our top story once again is the Mayor’s race.  As things stand now, the two emerging leaders in the campaign for Mayor of Irvine are former City Councilwoman and long-time Planning Commissioner Mary Ann Gaido and State Assemblyman Don Wagner.  These are two very different candidates with very different campaigns.  Our story asks:  Can Planning Commissioner Mary Ann Gaido’s grassroots, growth-control message over-come State Assemblyman Donald Wagner’s developer-funded, pro-development campaign?  The Mayor’s race is key to Irvine’s future as a planned City.  Read about it.

The same developer supporting Don Wagner — FivePoint Communities, the huge residential developer at the Great Park — has been secretly at work in Sacramento, trying to derail the State-supported 125-acre Veterans Cemetery within the Great Park.  It seems to me that FivePoint (along with City Council ally Christina Shea) is more interested in building and selling houses than creating a permanent “home” — a beautiful, permanent resting place in the Great Park — for American veterans.  Read about it on Page 3 of the printed edition.

Check out our Open Forum & Community Voices, Pages 14-15.  Weeks ago, in our Irvine Community Poll, we asked:  Do you approve or disapprove of the job that the Mayor and City Council are doing to manage and control traffic in Irvine?  Wow…did we get an earful!  Read for yourself what your friends and neighbors have to say about the worsening traffic in Irvine — and the current City Council’s “growth-at-any-cost” policies that have produced Irvine’s traffic mess.

As always, thank you, dear readers, for supporting Irvine Community News & Views, your community newspaper.

Frank Lunding
Publisher, Irvine Community News & Views

Franklin J. Lunding


Irvine, CA
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