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Dr. Seema Choudhary Helps Celebrate Irvine’s 50th Anniversary


To help celebrate Irvine’s 50th anniversary later this year, Irvine Community News & Views is asking our readers to share your stories to explain why you have chosen to call Irvine home.  Below is a submission we received from Dr. Seema Choudhary.

(Photo courtesy of Gaurav’s Studio) Dr. Seema Choudhary (third from left) with her husband Dharmendra Pal and their children Monica and Neil at one of the family’s favorite Irvine spots at the Great Park

Fourteen years ago, my family planted roots here in Irvine and those roots have become stronger and deeper each day.

Coming to America as an immigrant from India 24 years ago, I have lived in six different states and have traveled to pretty much every state in the country.  The only thing I can say is that my city of Irvine is the best!

People come from all over the world to study this master-planned city and that’s why my family was originally drawn to Irvine.  From the Irvine Global Village Festival to the Diwali celebration, the City of Irvine welcomes everyone.  All cultures and people are appreciated here.  The friendly vibe of the city appeals not only to families but also to professionals and young adults who call Irvine either their home or workplace.  One of the safest cities in the country, Irvine is truly the bedrock of its residents’ lives.

There’s also a real sense of community in Irvine.  They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  That’s true here in Irvine.  There are so many classes and interesting things for kids to do within 10 minutes, no matter where you live.  Our city’s top-rated schools are a major draw, and being home to one of the leading universities in the country offers Irvine a unique advantage that is nearly unrivaled.

And the weather is perfect!  It’s not cloudy in the morning like the beach cities and it isn’t too hot like the inland cities.  With beaches that are practically in our backyards, Irvine residents get to enjoy the best of both the worlds,  a well-developed infrastructure situated within a beautiful natural environment.

From my journey as a UCI professor to mom and business owner of Montessori Funtime Preschool, I have learned how to do things with excellence from those I have met.  As has been the experience of many other Irvine residents, my entrepreneurial ventures have enjoyed success because of the supportive community I have been fortunate to find in the city.

Whether it’s reporting street maintenance issues or obtaining business permits, I have found that all processes are very streamlined within Irvine.  A model for cities everywhere, being a global city, Irvine has served its citizens well by providing a high standard of living and ample opportunities to advance professionally as well.

So, for everyone who has contributed to making our city great, I thank you!
— Dr. Seema Choudhary

NOTE:  For five decades, families like Seema’s have been planting roots in our beautiful city.  To share your Irvine story, click here. 

ICNV Staff


Irvine, CA
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